Business Start Up's

Have you got a business idea ?

Despite their treatment by the Authorities, small Irish businesses are the backbone of the Irish economy. The reason for this is that they employ many people, generally support rural local economies and have strong ties to their local roots. There are a number of state agencies that can assist financially and the provision of expertise in setting up and launching a project.

However, prior to any approach, a financial viability analysis of the project should always be carried out and MCM are well placed to carry out this. Such an analysis would include realistic profit /loss and cash flow projections. If the projections and under lying assumptions stand up, MCM can assist in making presentations to banks and State Agencies, the Audit of Grant forms, establishment of the correct vehicles from which to operate etc.

We can change your idea into a financial plan that others can understand, process and ultimately fund – thereby turning your idea into reality and you into an economic miracle.
Talk to us.! You Won't regret it. !