Book Keeping & Data Processing

"Your biggest threat in business is not your competitor - it is the State"

Quote from a successful client and the comment was acknowledged as being accurate by a senior Revenue official.

The follow on to the above from the said Revenue official was;

"Get yourself a good Accountant, who puts you first"
The client did – he got us !.

Book keeping is the most basic aspect of accounts production, organisation of accounting records, Revenue ,and in the case of limited companies, CRO compliance. It is also the most under rated, unappreciated , and frowned upon aspect of commercial activity by business owners. The consequences of poor book keeping is total lack of financial information, expensive accounting fees, lack of informed controls over the business activity and possible unidentified theft by staff. This ignores the consequences of breach of Revenue, NERA and CRO regulation.

At MCM, provided you take the maintenance of base records seriously, we will guarantee that all your book keeping requirements will met, thus ensuring that financial information can be easily extracted, including the preparation of VAT returns etc. It is our job to bring you through the vast array of compliance in a manner that is easy and orientated in your interests.
Why !! Because we can make the difference !