Corporate Recovery & Insolvency Advice

Failure is a keystone to the learning process. Success is knowing how not to repeat failure.

All too often we find it difficult to navigate through the normal problems of business. We are not experiencing normal times. One sector of the media is telling you that the end is nigh while the other is telling what they want you to believe. Talk to us and be assured of an incredibly valuable commodity - the truth and reality.

We will give you practical, truthful and technically sound advice.

We believe in looking at business and the associated problems in an open minded, opportunistic fashion and are orientated to place you ahead of the restrictive thinking that surrounds us all in difficult times. Even if a corporate structure is no longer financially viable, it is critical for Company directors to be aware of their responsibilities under the Companies Acts, which are reasonable clear and onerous.

MCM can carry out reviews and assist in the restructuring of businesses in legal and honest manner.
We can also advise on the appropriate steps to be taken on the transfer of business to family or non family members or it's cessation and subsequent strike off.

In the event that recovery is not possible, we are in a position to act as liquidators, providing "the" honest, independent and professional service.

The solution - MCM Accounting